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Made by cat lovers for cat lovers, The Weekly Fluff aims to bring you content that is fun, heart-warming, and educational. We donate 10% of all revenue received to cat shelters. Don’t be shy, check out some of our favorite products, we never suggest something or advertise anything that we don’t truly believe in.

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7 Tips for Taking Amazing Pictures of Your Cat – Your cat (or, most likely…cats) is your baby and as every good parent knows, pictures last forever.  But those cutie pies don’t always act the way we want them to, especially when we get the DSLR or iPhone out.  Here are some tips for making sure you always get an amazing shot of your little darlings.

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PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge– One of the biggest issues we’ve always had with scratchers is that are too darn small!. This scratcher is large enough so you’re cat won’t falling off and  feel the need to make his way over to the courch


Is Your Cat Ready for Halloween?

Halloween is fast approaching – why not get your sweet kitty something new to wear to help you hand out candy to the neighborhood children, or pick up a new toy or two to get them into the Haloween spirit!

7 of the Best Cat Products

Let’s show our feline friends some love and buy something to make their lives a little easier, happier, and – let’s face it – more fun! Also, some of these help us as cat parents too!

6 Benefits of Owning a Cat

Cats are affectionate, sweet, and fiercely independent.  They can also provide multiple benefits – to your life and to your health! Below are six benefits to owning a cat. 

Children and Cats Together

Whether you have children already and are thinking of buying or getting a little kitty or you have a cat and just found out you’re having a baby – children and cats can live and love and grow together. 

Adding a Second (or Third, Fourth, etc.) Cat to your Household

So you are thinking of adding another cat to your household and maybe you have some questions about that.   Whether you are thinking about a brand new kitten or an older shelter cat, here are some things to think about to minimize the transition between your new and present fur baby.

Famous Quotes About Cats

“Time spent with a cat is never wasted.” -Collette (author, Gigi)

Things Your Cat Can Do

It’s been said you can’t train cats, but I don’t believe that’s true. I believe your cat can do all kinds of amazing things!

How to Choose a Cat for Your Family

There are a lot of important things to think about before picking your new cat.  Unlike dogs, most cats are the same basic shape and size but breed, personality, and the make-up of your home and family should all be considerations. Asking yourself some basic questions and thinking through things before seeking out a new friend should help.

The Mighty Cat…a poem

Let me tell you a little story about the mighty cat!

Tips For New Cat Parents

The arrival of a new cat (or sweet little kitten) can be exciting! It can also leave you feeling a bit confused and anxious. Although we think of a cat as a low-maintenance pet (no leashes, poop bags, daily walks, etc.) that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to think about before bringing your new loved one home.

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