Things Your Cat Can Do

It’s been said you can’t train cats, but I don’t believe that’s true.  I believe your cat can do all kinds of amazing things!

Your cat can sit super still, soaking up sunlight.

Your cat can look UP…and I bet if you tried really hard, you can also get your cat to look down and left to right.

You can train your cat to stick out its tongue.  I’ll be serious here, not sure when this would actually come in handy – but it sure is cute!

You can train your cat to be a chicken – you know, for all of your chicken needs.

Now we come to the skills section.  You can train your cat to leap through the air, like a superhero!

If you are very patient, you can train your cat to play video games with you.  Or at least sit on your controller so you don’t play as much – yes, that’s it – teach your cat to help you break bad habits!

And if you don’t have much time to train your cat, or you are just super lazy, you can train your cat to sleep and look cute at the same time.

Enjoy your newly trained cat!

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